Enlarge Prostate: Everything you need to know

The prostate gland is a small organ that is found in the male reproductive system. It is surrounded by the urethra and is known for creating the semen. The functions of your urinary bladder are also somehow related to this gland. Now, there is this disorder associated with the prostate gland and that is known as prostate enlargement. There are a lot of cases that have been discovered until now, but we are not sure whether people know enough about it or not.  For those who do not know much about this, here is a list of few of the facts related to it.

What is Prostate Enlargement?

It is actually a disorder, which occurs in men.  It is commonly known as BPH, which means Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. This happens when the cells of the prostate gland, which is the reproductive organ in male, start growing. As the cells of the gland start growing, the gland starts to swell. The Urethra, in response to this, gets squeezed and thus the problem starts in the flow of urine. There are people who misunderstood this with prostate cancer. This is not cancer, neither it is responsible for cancer. This is obviously a disorder that could degrade the quality of life that a person is spending. If we talk about the age in which the risk of this disorder increases, then it is the age of 50.

Causes for this disorder

We mentioned this earlier also and saying it again, that this is not a severe disease and is a common disorder that could be found in almost men above the age of 50. Yes, it is true that a lot of men face this problem with age. However, that does not even make it a good thing. Before you go on any conclusion regarding this state of your body, you should know the exact cause behind it. Now, if we talk about the cases till now and the signs detected, then there is not a certain cause for it. One of the causes that generally everyone feels about this problem is the changing hormones of these men with the growing age. Along with this, if a person has a family history of this disorder, then he will probably inherit that. One notable point here is that, if a person has removed his gland at an early age, then he will not face this problem.


Not just for this disorder, but for every disease that you face in your life, it is important to know their symptoms before they become dangerous. If you are suffering from BPH, then you are definitely going to know about it, though its symptoms. Here is a list of a few of them.

  • Nocturia is a condition of the human body, in which a person feels the urge to pee more than once every night or at any odd hour. If you are facing this, there are chances that your prostate gland is enlarging.
  • When you will have this disorder, you could even experience leakage of urine.
  • Most of the symptoms of this disease are related to the urinary system. Along with the above symptoms, you will face a weak urinary system, pain while urinating and sometimes you will see even blood in your urine.

If any of these symptoms are there, it is high time and you should consult your doctor immediately.


There are various ways in which this prostate enlargement could be treated. The simplest way to cure it is to take medicines related to it. Now, you could take Alpha-1 blockers or medicines that can reduce hormones produced by prostate glands. Apart from these, there are various antibiotics that could be taken for the treatment.

If you are not able to cure your disorder with the help of drugs, you could simply go for surgery. Now, surgery too depends on the type of enlargement. A doctor after examining your situation completely will tell you about it. Out of all, the best remedy is to go through natural treatment. Here are the points related to it.

Natural treatment for BPH

Here, we have listed five of the best natural treatment that is suitable for the enlarged prostate gland.

  1. Beta-sitosterol

This is a kind of herbal medication that is made by mixing various herbs together. These herbs contain cholesterol in them. In the previous section, where we have discussed the causes of BPH, it is written that most of the problems that you face are related to the urinary system. Well, this particular herb is responsible for improving that system and finally in treating BPH. No study shows any side effects of this medication, thus it is 100% safe.

  1. Pollen extract of various grasses

There are a lot of grasses whose pollen grains could actually help you in treating the prostate gland enlargement. Now, out of all, the most important one is the Ryegrass. The Ryegrass is made up of three types of pollen and these are Rye, Corn, and Timothy. Here again, we will point out the problem of the urinary system. According to a study, it has been proved that men who consume this medicine regularly have improved their nighttime urination problem. However, one could not say that it works for everyone. Each one of us has a different body and thus a doctor should be consulted before taking the medicine.

  1. Pygeum

Pygeum is a special kind of herb that could be extracted from the bark of the African plum. Now, before we discuss more this particular herb, it is important to tell that it is not a proven and sure-shot remedy for this disorder. It is basically used for improving the working of your urinary system. As we all know that BPH or prostate enlargement is basically about this disorder in the urinary system. So, it could be given to the patient suffering from this disorder. Some of the researches show that it is good for decreasing that urge of urinating every now and then.

  1. Healthy food

Believe it or not, but our diet plays a very important role in our body functions. Almost all the problems that we face regularly could be treated well if we are maintaining a healthy diet. For this disorder too, this is applicable. Now, those who are suffering from BPH should increase the intake of green leafy and dark vegetables in their diet. We are not sure whether these vegetables will remove your problem completely or not, but it is sure that they will reduce the risk of it. The health experts say that it not just a single ingredient, but the whole diet that is beneficial for you. So, one should eat a healthy balanced diet.

  1. Healthy habits and practices

The points that we discussed previously discuss only the things that could be consumed, in order to avoid this particular disorder. In this point, we will tell you about things other than that. Now, if you want to reduce the risk of this disorder, then you should exercise regularly. As we know, that this disorder is all about the functioning of the urinary system, so whenever you feel the urge of urinating, you should do that immediately. Apart from this, if you are a sufferer of this, you should avoid stress, alcohol, caffeine, etc.

Out of all of this, one should always remember that just because a box is full of supplements that come in the so-called category “natural”, it does not mean that it would retain all the properties of a natural component and especially medicine. The international food and drug administration does not entertain the herbal companies, just in the way; it does not entertain the other drug companies. Herbal or natural treatment is always better, but it should be done, only after consulting a doctor.

BPH and prostate cancer: differences

The symptoms of BPH are mentioned in one of the above points, but one should know that these are not all of them. Also, if we talk about the differences between the symptoms of cancer and gland enlargement, then there is the slightest difference between them. Both of them are related to the urinary system and its functioning. Cancer is a more serious condition, then just the enlargement. In most of the cases, it needs treatment. Therefore, even if you feel that your body is showing the symptoms of BPH, you should once visit your doctor. Apart from this, there is a huge difference in the medication and treatment of both the BPH and Prostate cancer.

Prostate Enlargement is not a new discovered disease and there are a lot of cases that you might come across in your daily life.  We have already mentioned the points that this is common in those who are aged. There are lots of cases related to this disorder, but people still do not have enough information related to it. So, the points that are mentioned here will help you in getting the required information.