How to prevent Prostrate Cancer?

Cancer is a disease which can cause fear of life. Whether it is a breast cancer, mouth cancer or prostate cancer or any kind of cancer, it always has a fearful impact on us. But we all know that every disease has can be treated. Any lethal disease can be treated well with the prevention and proper medications. We all have read this quote before “ Prevention is better than cure.” , this quote surely holds worth in this world of various newly examined diseases. This prevention can always protect you from dangerous diseases.

Focusing on prostate cancer, in this article you will get to know every fact about prostrate Cancer. This article is bundled up with the definition of Prostrate Cancer, its causes, symptoms and how it can be diagnosed or treated. In the end you will get to know about all the preventive measures to repel prostrate cancer or you will be knowledgeable enough to handle this medical issue easily.

Prostrate cancer

As we all know, that the world is getting older. In 2050, it has been predicted that 21% of the population will be over 65 years. As we get older, we get more diseases. Prostrate Cancer is one of them that occurs with aging.

Prostrate is an organ that is unique to men rather than women. Men are born with the prostate gland that is actually small and as one gets older the prostate glands get bigger. A gets bigger it can restrict urinary floor and that can cause problems in men as the get older. The same site has a scope of development in a certain cancer, prostate cancer which needs attention and treatment in ekderly men.

The prostate cancer speaks of evilness in men and themain problem occirs while dealing with prostate cancer is figuring it our in an early stage and starting to treat is immediately. This wil help in avoiding the long term affects occurred by prostate gland and this will further helps in having a better and normal life expentancy.


Being the most commonly nude cancer diagnosis among men the increment of prostate with each passing decade gets more cancerous. The general cause of getting infected of prostrate cancer is of aging. There is no particular exact cause of this disease. Mostly African and Americans are prone, twice the risk of getting prostrate cancer compared to America and white Caucasian men. Asian sin interestingly have a much lower incidence. It might be related to environmental factors. Maybe the Western diet high in animal fat seems to be contributing more than the eastern diet which is more tofu based.

The complexity of male hormone inductor hypothalamus resides in brain, it sends signal down to the pituitary gland right underneath it and that sends out a whole host of hormones that affect the reproduction organs, bones, adrenal glands and everything in body. Increased rate of testosterone hormone plays an important role in the prostate cancerous cells.


In the early stages of prostate cancer, there are usually no signs or symptoms to be seen. It can however be detected with the help of a PSA test. If the test shows the presence of prostate cancer then further monitoring needs to be done in order to diagnose the problem.

The symptoms of prostate cancer is usually noticeable in the later stages. The main symptoms of prostate cancer include:

  1. Frequent urination mainly during the night
  2. Discharge of blood with urine
  3. Blood coming out with seminal fluid
  4. Erectile dysfunction
  5. Pain or burning sensation during urination
  6. Pain and discomfort while sitting due to enlarges prostate

If the problem has spread outside the prostate gland then you may experience the following symptoms:

  1. Severe pain in the hips, back, bones, thighs and shoulders.
  2. Fatigue
  3. Change in bowel habits
  4. Sudden weight loss
  5. Swelling in the legs or feet.

What is PSA blood test?

PSA blood test is the short for prostate specific antigen. It is a kind of test that can help detect the presence of prostate cancer. This particular test is generally recommeneded to people who are between the age group of 40 to 50 and have a family history of prostate cancer.

When you take the PSA blood test you get to know your PSA baseline which is very important. For example, if your PSA count at the age of 40 is high then there are chances that you have prostate cancer. If the PSA level is above 3 in a 15 year old and above 4 in a 16 year old boy then this may be an indication of the easrly signs of prostate cancer.


Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

If your PSA test reports show signs of abnormality then it is a matter of concern for you. in this case, your doctor may recommend you to take further tests in order to find out whether you actually have prostate cancer or not.

  1. Ultrasound

Your doctor may use ultrasound in order to durther evaluate the problem. when performing an ultrasound, a small probe is inserted in your rectum. The probe is then used to produce sound waves that creates picture of your prostate gland.

  1. MRI fusion

MRI fusion, although it is still being developed but that doenst stop the doctors to use it to diagnose prostate cancer. The use of this method has rather increased.

  1. Collecting a sample of your prostate tissue

Your doctor may also ask you to collect a sample of your prostate tissue for biopsy. It is done by inserting a needle in your prostate to collect the tissue sample. This sample is then analysed in the lab to find out whether ut has cancer cells or not.

Treatment of Prostrate Cancer

If test results show that you have prostate cancer then you need immediate medical treatment. There are various methods or treatment that is used to treat prostate cancer.

  1. Surgery

Depending on the severity of the situation your doctor may recommend you to get a surgery done. In this surgery they will remove the cancerous prostate gland from your body. along with it, the doctors also remove a few lymph nodes and surround tissues. The process is called radical prostatectomy. It can be performed in many ways even using a surgery robot.

  1. Radiation therapy

In radiation therapy, high power energy is used to kill the cancer  causing cells in your prostate gland. It can be done in two ways: the radiation is either given from outside your body or it is placed inside your body.

To know what you should expect in a radiation therapy, read this article.

Preventive measures of Prostate Cancer

There is a huge importance and a role of proper  nutrition. The same has a lot more importance in regards to prostate health. It essential to understand that how and what we fuel our body with will determine the future of our prostate health. Here are some healthy foods, exercise and drugs that have been mentioned in preventing the development of prostate cancer.

  • Green tea contains qualified OLX and flavonoids, both of which are antioxidants. It has also been shown to moderate and/or prevent the advancement of prostate cancer.
  • fish suggest Salmon, herring and trout which are rich in Omega 3, may benefit you in preventing the development and progression of prostate cancer.
  • Other foods which are beneficial towards maintaining a healthy prostate are pomegranate juice, avocados, grapes and carrots.
  • Exercises are beneficial in terms of helping regulating the way that that causes Cancer cells to grow and repair DNA.
  • Aerobic training is a novel primary therapy for men with localised prostate cancer.
  • Basic exercises life stability ball squat, wall push up, plank and leg/hip extension can help in regulating the prostate cancerous cell in men.
  • A drug called finasteride is available for the treatment of men that have urinary complaints. It works by shrinking the prostrate.
  • A drug called duasteroid also approved for the treatment of man that has urinary complaints and it also shrinks the prostrate. This is mostly favourable for the man who wa having previously negative prostrate biopsy.

In a nutshell

The most common type of cancer when men is prostate cancer. open prostate cancer is a slow growing than initially doesn’t cause serious harm but there are other prostate cancer cells that are aggressive. The spread quickly, so prevention is very important in this disease. A balance lifestyle containing proper diet and exercise will protect you from prostrate cancer. If you are a patient of prostrate cancer, there is no need to worry because this cancer doesn’t harm you. With proper medication and treatment you can fight well with this disease. Most men will not die from prostate cancer if it can be caught early and adequately treated then most of the people will have a normal life expectancy.