Prostate cancer symptoms

In most cases, prostate cancer symptoms are not apparent in the early stages of the disease. The symptoms of prostate cancer may be different for each man, and any one of these symptoms may be caused by other conditions. As a result, routine screenings in the form of digital rectal exams and prostate-specific androgen (PSA) tests are important.

Early warning signs of prostate cancer

Because of the proximity of the prostate gland to the bladder and urethra, prostate cancer may be accompanied by a variety of urinary symptoms, especially in the early stages. Depending on its size and location, a tumor may press on and constrict the urethra, inhibiting the flow of urine. Some early prostate cancer signs include:

  • Burning or pain during urination
  • Difficulty urinating, or trouble starting and stopping while urinating
  • More frequent urges to urinate at night
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Decreased flow or velocity of urine

How to massage your prostate if you do not want to use sex toys?

Irrespective of whether you are gay or even straight and like to get your prostate stimulated, every guy can vouch for the fact that the sensation is too good to be true. It is true that anal sex is often very painful and does require a lot of preparation and a lot of caution but if you do it right, the feeling of ecstasy is just too good to be true.

Prostate play is a very pleasuring act for men but the only issue with this is the fact that not many people are well educated on this topic. If you are starting out with this, it is important that you do have a basic idea about all the basics involved and then implement it on yourself or even on your partner.

So, what is the prostate gland?

Before anything else, it is important that we clear out what exactly …

Enlarge Prostate: Everything you need to know

The prostate gland is a small organ that is found in the male reproductive system. It is surrounded by the urethra and is known for creating the semen. The functions of your urinary bladder are also somehow related to this gland. Now, there is this disorder associated with the prostate gland and that is known as prostate enlargement. There are a lot of cases that have been discovered until now, but we are not sure whether people know enough about it or not.  For those who do not know much about this, here is a list of few of the facts related to it.

What is Prostate Enlargement?

It is actually a disorder, which occurs in men.  It is commonly known as BPH, which means Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. This happens when the cells of the prostate gland, which is the reproductive organ in male, start growing. As the cells of …

How to achieve an orgasm by stimulating your prostate gland?

If you thought that God only blessed women with the G-spot when it comes to sexual pleasures, you are mistaken. Men have their own “G-spot” too known as the prostate, stimulating which can provide you with the maximum amount of pleasure without any issues as such. If you have been struggling to get things aligned and well in place for you, it is important that you do keep certain important factors in mind.

Prostate orgasm or stimulating your prostate for sexual pleasure does require a lot of preparation and a lot of thought put into it. If you think that it is as easy as peeling a banana, you are slightly mistaken. That is not how it works.

It is very important to ensure that you keep certain factors in mind and know the complete inside out of prostate lactating before you end up experimenting the same on yourself. Know …

Are there a known cure for prostate cancer?

To beat your enemy, you have got to understand it. This is really where the excitement is nowadays is getting closer to understanding the enemy that is prostate cancer. Now one of the things about all cancers is that the cancer cells become smarter the more they get injured or subjected to different treatment, the smarter they become.

Over 80% of men for 10 or more years after the diagnosis of prostate cancer are living happily without any risk of life. But as we know the cancer is not what and easy medical issue to be treated with. Prostate cancer is a very common disease in particular male gender. Prostate cancer is still a disease that requires a new innovative treatment.

There are plenty of options available for treating prostate cancer. The doctor whom you are consulting for the disease will recommend one for you, based on your body reaction …

How to prevent Prostrate Cancer?

Cancer is a disease which can cause fear of life. Whether it is a breast cancer, mouth cancer or prostate cancer or any kind of cancer, it always has a fearful impact on us. But we all know that every disease has can be treated. Any lethal disease can be treated well with the prevention and proper medications. We all have read this quote before “ Prevention is better than cure.” , this quote surely holds worth in this world of various newly examined diseases. This prevention can always protect you from dangerous diseases.

Focusing on prostate cancer, in this article you will get to know every fact about prostrate Cancer. This article is bundled up with the definition of Prostrate Cancer, its causes, symptoms and how it can be diagnosed or treated. In the end you will get to know about all the preventive measures to repel prostrate cancer …

Why is the Prostate Gland named as the male version of the G Spot?

Sexuality is an important part of human beings. Humans are one of the only species on this Earth who utilizes sex for reproduction as well as for their pleasure. So, it is quite important to explore one’s body if they want to derive sexual pleasure. The human body is quite complex and it has several points through which people can gain orgasms. One of the most talked-about pleasure spot includes the ‘G-spot’ of a woman. It is still an elusive thing and research is still being done to find its exact location. Though male orgasms are thought to be much easier to attain, these days it is known that orgasms don’t end just at ejaculation. So, we thought that it would be useful to talk a little about the prostate gland.

What is the prostate gland?

One of the problems that many people face is the fact that they are …