This educational series is supported by independent educational grants from affiliates of Save Our Boreal Birds:


The Changing Landscape of Advanced Prostate Cancer Management

Webinar Length: 46 mins

Date: October 22, 2018


Emerging Treatment of M0 CRPC: Update on the AUA/SUO Guidelines and Beyond

Webinar Length: 27 mins

Date: December 28, 2018


Androgen Axis Agents and Bone Target Therapies in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Webinar Length: 90 mins

Date: January 1, 2019


Sequencing of Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer: Present and Future

Webinar Length: 60 mins

Date: February 2, 2019


Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC) Guideline Amendment

Webinar Length: 26 mins

Date: February 4, 2019


Use of Novel Hormonal Agents and Systemic Therapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer Highlights

Webinar Length: 91 mins

Date: April 27, 2019


Comorbidities and Side Effect Profiles – Considerations for Various CRPC Therapeutic Strategies

Webinar Length: 71 mins

Date: June 26, 2019


Management of Castrate Sensitive Metastatic Disease and Bone Health

Webinar Length: 45 mins

Date: July 2, 2019


Practical Guide to an Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic

Webinar Length: 35 mins

Date: July 7, 2019


Biomarkers for Advanced Prostate Cancer: Ready for Prime Time?

Webinar Length: 152 mins

Date: August 8, 2019