What are Prostate massagers and how do they help your prostate?

In the time and date of the ‘woke’ world and revolutions provoked by liberalism, sex and sexual health should have no reasons for you to run away from. The ‘hook-up’ culture has enabled a lot of sexually transmitted disease that one can catch quickly. Apart from this birth control pills are a basic necessity for responsible adults and to control the population. One of the reasons for Indi’s high population would be poor sex-education.

Sex-education does not only talk about sexual intercourse but also teaches men and women to take care of their private areas. It is as important as it sounds and yet an appalling fact lies in the realization that men are more reluctant to take into consideration their sexual well-being. In the event of the rising third world issues, scientists and medical professional have come up with various ways to help men take care of their sexual health.

Prostate related ailments:

If you are someone who is dealing with problems regarding your prostate, there is nothing to be shy about. The prostate is an important part of a man’s sexual health. Humanity would not exist without the prostate. The prostate is a part located in the groin of a man’s body which produces semen, which is a necessary component for humanity to run along. With the growth in age, the size of the prostate in a man’s body also increases. Therefore, taking care of your prostate is beneficial. As you grow older many problems may arise in respect to one’s prostate that may vary from causing discomfort to become fatal in a matter of no.

One of the most common problems that one in three men face in their lifetime is prostate enlargement. Often starting with a throbbing pain in one’s groin, it can result in painful urination, blood in semen and very painful ejaculation. Frequent urination and hip pain can also be signs of prostate enlargement. There are mostly three very common problems that men face in their lifetime. They are:

  1. Benign prostate hyperplasia:

This condition causes the prostate gland to grow in size which in order squeezes the passage of urethra causing pain and discomfort. Most of the time, the condition of benign prostate hyperplasia leads to urinary tract infection. There is often blood and problems like urine retention are found resulting in decreased flow of urine. Bladder stones are a big factor in a person suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia. Many mistake BPH as prostate cancer. BPH is always benign, although a person with prostate cancer might also be suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia. Often treatments and surgery are required to cure this ailment.

  1. Bacterial prostatitis:

Often bacteria can be a reason to have fever and chills in a person. Bacterial prostatitis can often result in a rare form of the disease and one may find blood in their urine. Often the only way to cure the disease is to be on anti-biotic medication for a long time. Also, many suppliant variants are found in the market that could help ease the pain.

  1. Prostate cancer:

In this condition, often a man’s prostate takes a larger size and starts producing fields other than the semen. It is one of the most common types of cancer that men suffer from.  It mostly occurs in the mid-50-s to 60s. If not treated it can be fatal. A person suffering from prostate cancer can have discomfort in their pelvis, might face situations like urinating blood and severe pain while urination. With most other prostate diseases, there is often minimal to no pain, but with prostate cancer bone pain is one of the symptoms of the underlying disease. This can also often lead to erectile dysfunction.

See this Mayo Clinic article talking about symptoms of prostate cancer

It is difficult to locate the reason for prostate cancer and medical researches have taken place since the 1960s. More often than not, people suffering from prostate cancer were found to have relatives in their family who also had prostate cancer. Therefore it can be safe to assume that like most cancer, prostate cancer depends on the genes and DNA passed along by the survivors’ forefathers. Obesity is another reason why many people go through the disease.

What is a Prostate massager?

With the most prostate-related ailments, a prostate massager can come really handy. Pain and puss are a deadly combination for any man to go through at any part of the body, let alone the groin. With most pelvic related diseases, abdominal pain can make a person dizzy. This is why releasing the fluids in one’s prostate may actually help soothe the pain and make the patient’s life easier. Massaging the prostate can provide rest to the urinary tract and the penis. The ducts in the prostate open and both cluttered fluid and urine can pass smoothly.

Prostate massagers are also suggested on medical grounds to people with erectile dysfunction and other similar conditions. With daily massaging of the prostate, one can help blood flow into their penis and pelvic region and help cure erectile dysfunction. Often physical exercises like jogging, brisk walking, and pelvis exercises are part of the prostate massage therapy. Prostate massagers are also recommended by doctors while practicing certain tests on their patients.

This therapy was started in the late 1990s to manage prostate risks. Back in the day medicine and research were not equally equipped to treat these disease. The therapeutic massage would help relieve the pain of mostly prostate cancer patients and help ease their lives. In most case studies we have a light idea of how a prostate massager can help with the different prostate conditions. Later on, it was developed as a healthy sexual etiquette made into a toy by the Adult Toy industry. Since then, often prostate massagers are used during sexual closeness, worldwide. The industry earned a huge amount of money when the men who started using it as an adult toy saw less of urinary tract infection.

How does it help your prostate?

Prostate massagers are very effective and are a healthy lifestyle choice. If you are prone to urinary tract infections or have ailments related to the prostate, the next best alternative to a pelvis exercise is a prostate massager.

Here are 5 ways a prostate massager can help you:

  1. Painful Ejaculation:Many men suffer in silence from painful ejaculation and it is harmful. Ejaculation is a normal bodily function that is painless and helps regulate a healthy modulation in your body. Scientists have studied over decades and affirmed that fluid retention in the prostate is a big problem that many men face. This is why a prostate massager is used. With the help of these massagers, one can reduce the distress and discomfort in their prostate. The massager helps open the closed ducts in the prostate and releases the fluid, thereby providing comfort.
  2. Erectile dysfunction:ED or erectile dysfunction is more visible in the 21st-century world. With the growing pollution and radiation from cellphones, the harm it causes humanity is gargantuan. Prostate stimulation is one of the best remedies for erectile dysfunction. Other than conventional ED treatments like pumps, medication, and implants, a prostate massager could be used alone at the comfort of your house. With better blood flow into the area, better results are achieved. It is also effective in increasing the libido or sex drive in men.
  3. Easy Urination: Whether one has prostatitis or just a urine infection, a prostate massager can help pass the urine without pain and puss. Medication often has side effects and can make your body dry. One of the natural remedies and a replacement to medication are the prostate massagers. Most prostate massage therapies do not go on for long.

Prostate massagers have existed since the 90s and are still one of the most debated topics in the medical field. Many doctors are pro-prostate massagers while others simply refute their use. Prostate massage therapy or use of electronic prostate massager without proper training can be dangerous and harmful to your body. It can cause new issues and make your conditions worse. The little that we have benefitted from prostate massagers are solely dependent on case studies and there has not been any formulating proof on how they are effective.

Many doctors also rely on the use of medicines than just prostate massagers. Mostly in medical fields, prostate massager is not the one and the only solution, they come as an aid to medicines. They are often used on patients who are medicating and need to facilitate the process of fluid expulsion from their prostate. This is why it is always a good option to check with your doctor before delving into prostate massage therapy or device. More so, cheap prostate massagers online are never recommended by doctors as they can not only cause serious injuries but skin rashes because of the cheap materials. It is best to have a thorough knowledge of prostate massagers before committing to it.