Why is the Prostate Gland named as the male version of the G Spot?

Sexuality is an important part of human beings. Humans are one of the only species on this Earth who utilizes sex for reproduction as well as for their pleasure. So, it is quite important to explore one’s body if they want to derive sexual pleasure. The human body is quite complex and it has several points through which people can gain orgasms. One of the most talked-about pleasure spot includes the ‘G-spot’ of a woman. It is still an elusive thing and research is still being done to find its exact location. Though male orgasms are thought to be much easier to attain, these days it is known that orgasms don’t end just at ejaculation. So, we thought that it would be useful to talk a little about the prostate gland.

What is the prostate gland?

One of the problems that many people face is the fact that they are scared to explore their own bodies. So, most men are unaware of the fact that they have a point known as the ‘prostate gland’. This gland is actually quite vital for a man to ejaculate. The prostate gland is a walnut-shaped gland that is present between the bladder and the penis in a human male body. As the gland is in front of the rectum, you can actually feel it through one’s anus. Also, the urethra passes through the middle of the prostate gland and the gland produces a fluid which mixes with the sperm to make the semen. One of the main tasks of the fluid is to keep the sperms alive so that they can fertilize the eggs when they reach the female body. Another important thing about the prostate is that it constricts itself during the time of ejaculation so that the semen can pass through the urethra. This makes urination an impossible task when someone is ejaculating. The prostatic fluid actually makes up about 30% of the semen that you see during ejaculation.

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Why is the prostate regarded as the Male G-Spot?

We have already mentioned that the ‘G-spot’ is regarded as the point which produces a humongous amount of pleasure in a female. The spot is yet to be fully discovered and many people think that it is just an extension of the clitoris. The prostate gland of a male human being is a known fact and people know that it is a sweet spot for many irrespective of their sexuality. The prostate gland is quite responsive to pleasure as it has several nerve endings just like the clitoris. There are numerous ways through which one can stimulate the prostate gland during sexual activity so that it becomes a lot more pleasurable for them. Men have said over and over again that they enjoy these orgasms much more than just having ejaculation.

Things that you need to know about getting a prostate orgasm:

  • You may think that only homosexual males derive pleasure from stimulating the prostate but this is a wrong idea as several heterosexual men also like the sensation. Also, the stimulation of your prostate can actually be a good activity for your body. It helps to increase blood flow in the pelvic area that maintains good reproductive health of a person. Prostate play is also prescribed for those people who suffer from erectile disfunction as they can derive pleasure from it.


  • The prostate can be stimulated through internal as well as external stimulation. Most men do prefer the way of external stimulation as they have the idea that internal stimulation is only limited to homosexual men. There are a lot of ways through which the prostate gland can be stimulated from the outside. The most popular way includes massaging the perineum, which is the area situated between the anus and the penis. You do need to realize that it does take a little more time to warm up the area to get the best type of pleasure out of it. If you are making someone do it for you, then make sure to use a glove or a condom to be on the safer side. A vibrator can also be a great way to externally stimulate the prostate. You can try using the vibrator in a circular motion to make it even more effective.


  • Internal stimulation is the way through which you can derive extreme pleasure from prostate play. It is a myth that you need to insert a big thing to get pleasure. The 3/4thof a finger is often enough to feel the prostate and to stimulate it. You have to spend some time in it to make it feel quite good. We will always recommend you to use a good lubricant when you are going to insert your fingers. Do remember that it will take you some time to get used to the feeling of inserting something in your anus. The first few times can be a little messy, so be prepared for it.


  • Making your partner perform internal or external prostate stimulation for you can be a tricky thing. So, it is always better to take help of good communication. Talk about the fact that you will like to explore the path of deriving pleasure from your prostate. Never force them to perform anything on your as it wouldn’t include their consent. If your partner is unaware of the facts related to prostate, then we will recommend you to show them a few articles and sex education videos which will help them to know more about it. On the very first day of your exploration, treat it like a new adventure and ease your way into it.


  • Never underestimate the power of lubricants as they are very important when it comes to anal play. It doesn’t matter if you are using a butt plug or your fingers, a lubricant will always help you in the journey. These days there are different types of lubricants that are available in the market. You can choose any flavor according to the choice of your partner. Try using those lubes which do not dry out quickly as they will provide you with more playtime and you wouldn’t need to apply the lube over and over again.
  • If you are thinking of engaging in prostate play with your partner, then you do not need to stop at only using your fingers or a sex toy. You can always combine rimming with a prostate play which will increase the pleasure. We can say that it is an amazing way to add a new level of zest to your sex life.


  • Try to relax and try to make your partner feel relaxed when you are engaging in prostate play. This is very important as muscle tension doesn’t go well with sexual activities. A full body massage will ease the person. Every partner needs to realize that they need to take baby steps when it comes to internal prostate stimulation.


  • If you are someone who thinks that prostate play will become a permanent way of stimulation in their lives, then it is better to invest in a prostate massager or a prostate sex toy. You do not need to feel ashamed if you are planning to buy a sex toy as it is completely okay to do so. These days there are a number of choices available in the market when it comes to prostate sex toys. The male sex toys are specially made in a way that they are able to provide amazing orgasms which last more. We will recommend you to get those toys which have different levels of vibration. You can get insertable or non-insertable vibrators according to the type of prostate stimulus that you like.


  • Most of the sex toys are made of silicone which feels like the human flesh. People who are used to anal play or prostate play, then you can go for metal sex toys or butt plugs which are heavier and can sometimes provide better pleasure. It is important to maintain the health of sexual toys, so do take proper care of them and clean them whenever needed, which is after each time you insert it in your anus.


  • You should never have the idea that protection is useless when it comes to prostate play. If you are engaging in the act with different partners or with someone whose sexual status you are unaware of, then do use gloves or other types of protection. This is valid even when you are using a sex toy.

So, here are some of the things that you need to know about the prostate and also about stimulating it for sexual pleasure. We think that it is very crucial for a person to know about the different pleasure points of their body. The prostate gland is something that males should know about and they should explore it well. They should never think that it is shameful to engage in prostate play. Do follow the points that we have mentioned and we are sure that it will help you to increase the quality of your sexual life. We hope that we have helped you to reach better satisfaction in your life and have better orgasms.