Why You Should Let Your Partner Use a Male Masturbator on You

Just like women, men also need satisfaction. They want to feel special when in a relationship with a woman. There might be some occasions when you are not in the mood of having sex but your partner wants it. You might agree to dive in half heartedly but it won’t please your partner. It will create distance and such issues can also spoil a healthy relationship.

Sex toys offer a great solution for such issues. You can let your partner use a male masturbator on you to have more fun. Things can get more exciting in this way.

Why male masturbator is good for couples:

Couples think they do not need any sex toy because they can be with one another whenever in the mood. Even though you are enjoying sex regularly, it will become an ordinary thing for you at some point in your life. You will lose interest in it and then it will turn into a formality. Nobody wants to go through such a period, especially when in a relationship.

Sex toys like male masturbators, dildos, and vibrators are designed to help the user in experiencing immense fun. Couples can involve these sex toys during the erotic play to have more fun. These sex toys help you in exploring new ways of enjoying sex in different positions.

A male masturbator is not something a woman can try to have sexual pleasure. However, she can use it during erotic moments to arouse her partner. It can be a part of foreplay and you can try it if you are not comfortable with putting something in your mouth. Your partner won’t refuse the sensation because it feels quite amazing when a masturbator is squeezing that rock hard penis.

Perks of using a male masturbator:

Women have got a variety of sex toys when it comes to enjoying some erotic moments alone. A male masturbator is designed for men. This sex toy can be available in many forms. A flashlight is the most common type of male masturbator. It comes with several perks that make it a unique sex toy for men.

  • It safe and quite enjoyable:

Men usually use their hand to masturbate and release their load. Sometimes they go too far while jerking off and squeeze their penis too hard to damage it. Such actions can reduce sensitivity and men might find it daunting to have orgasm during sex.

A masturbator on the other hand goes gentle on penis. It acts exactly like a vagina and provides immense pleasure without squeezing the penis. It is safe and it can lead you to a much stronger orgasm. That’s why it is men’s favorite sex toy.

  • Suction:

Every woman is not comfortable with blowjob. However, every man likes it because they have seen it in many movies and videos. Some male masturbators come with suction feature. The user can adjust suction settings to get the right amount of vacuum. It feels exactly like someone is sucking that hard cock. Women unfamiliar with blowjob can let their partners use this toy before sex so that they won’t have to suck anything.

  • It feels real:

There is nothing that can replace a woman’s arousing genitals, but male masturbators perform equally great. As mentioned earlier, every man or woman is not always in the mood of having sex. Sex toys get things going when one of two partners are not in the mood of having sex.

Male masturbators feel quite real and you can use it to soothe erotic cravings of your partner. Bring this sex toy into the play and you will never need to try intercourse if you are not in the mood. The same thing your partner can try with a vibrator or strap on.

  • No irritation and minimum friction:

A male masturbator is great toy if you want to practice things that you have not tried before. Some guys feel overexcited when they find get a chance to have sex. They find it daunting to control it and give up quickly. It leaves a bad impression on their partner about their manhood. You should not let it happen to you. Use a male masturbator to be familiar with how it feels and how you should go during the main play. It will keep you ready for anything that may come in your way.

  • It is great for warm-up:

Foreplay makes things more exciting when you are ready to enjoy intercourse with your partner. He might do everything he can to arouse you. What about you? Warm him up by using a male masturbator. It will not only arouse him but lead him to much stronger orgasm that pleases every man.

Every man needs it:

Married men might wonder why to use a masturbator when they have a beautiful partner. Well, she may not always be around you and you may like to enjoy those pleasant moments whenever you get in the mood. It might lead you to do something that your partner might not like. So, avoid such situations by using a male masturbator. This sex toy also comes with a vibrator to make things more entertaining. You can increase or decrease vibration to enjoy those moments. Even though every man does not own this sex toy, everyone dreams about getting it and trying it. You should get it if you are ready to try it.

Final thoughts:

People do not buy sex toys openly. That’s why online shops offer great solutions just like what LG does. Aside from discreet shipping, they also offer very helpful articles, so make sure to check them out. You can find many types of male masturbators online. Manufacturers produce these sex toys to replicate vaginal, anal, and blowjob. Whatever type of sex you like, you can buy that type of male masturbator. Some models also designed to provide both anal and vaginal pleasures. You should get this one if you want to try both things. A male masturbator can be a great gift if you want to entertain your partner in a new way. It will increase the excitement levels during sex and he would love to try masturbator before soothing your lust.