Our Team

Sean Laugo

Being a urologist is personal to Dr. Laugo. After the traumatic passing of his father because of prostate cancer, he made it a life mission to pursue being a doctor. After completing all the requirements to become a urologist, he then focused on helping prostate cancer patients by providing free consultations. He is our resident doctor who provides us facts on how to prevent, cure, and the latest breakthroughs regarding prostate cancer.

Jake Howard

He is currently in med school to become a urologist. He writes for their college publication while helping saveourborealbirds.org. Having Dr. Laugo as a mentor has helped him a lot to be clear with his goals. Spreading awareness about prostate cancer keeps him awake at night and just thinks about how he can encourage men to go out and have a quick prostate check.

Julienne Way
Founder, saveourborealbirds.org

Julienne’s husband passed away because of prostate cancer. After the sad incident, she founded saveourborealbirds.org as a platform to help prostate cancer victims. She gets help from other volunteers like corporations, doctors, and organizations.